Thursday, September 2, 2021

Bogged Down by Big Moves

 So, I kind of got stuck on writing on rpgs (or playing them) in the last months - my family relocated to another continent a month ago, and getting us settled in is basically eating up all of my free time.

Which is a pity; I really want to finish my series on vsD (the scenario in the core rulebook is pretty great, basically a sandbox mini setting, but with strong story seeds well-supported by the material), and I'd also like to get around to take a closer look at Gildor Games' Elemental system, which, by first reading, looks like a kind of GURPS ultra-light to me (highly universal in its applicability, classic attribute+skill mechanics with a few little twists, point-buy characters). Not to speak of finishing another 3-4 Mythras scenarios I have outlined, translating them into English and converting them for a few other systems like Warlock!, Troika! and, probably, Elemental. And another Ashen Stars scenario is waiting in the wings, as well.

I hope that 2022 will be my year of getting to work on rpg stuff in earnest. Until then, have a great time and stay safe, everyone!

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